Leopoldo Lopez banner
A Leopoldo López banner in Caracas, Venezuela, reads "Wanting a better Venezuela is not a crime". Reuters

Leader and founder of the Venezuelan opposition party “Voluntad Popular,” Leopoldo López was arrested arbitrarily on February 18, held accountable of the street violence following his call to protest against the socialist government in the divided nation. López was transferred to military prison Ramo Verde where he is held in isolation. Yesterday, the oppistion leader asked for his freedom and encouraged all Venezuelans to keep fighting for their rights, and to not give up. “We can’t stress enough that our fight is for all Venezuelan’s rights. That is why we are kept prisoners, but that is why we will come out victorious and we will make a better Venezuela.”

Aside from the video, Leopoldo López informed that every night at 8pm Ceballos, Scarano, Lucchesse and himself will make sounds with the prison bars that are holding them captive in a movement they are calling “el barrotazo” and he is inviting all of Venezuela to do the same. Evidently the authorities are doing everything they can to stop López from communicating with the exterior, for which they are allegedly ready to transfer the leader to a maximum security prison.

López’s wife, Lilian Tintori, took to her social media to let people know that the attorney informed her Coronel Homero Miranda, is ready to transfer her husband to another prison. She additionally tweeted that their children were not allowed to visit their father on Saturday, which is the only day they’re allowed to visit.

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