As reported on La Opinion, Vicente Fernández is in a difficult health situation, suffering from a spine injury caused by his long time practicing horseback riding and being overweight.

Last week, the singer's critical condition made headlines after sources from his home in Guadalajara revealed that  Vicente's doctor warned him about getting the singer ready for an operation any time soon. According to sources from the house, the doctor had talked to the family and recommended Vicente to go on a diet to lose some weight before the intervention.

After days of rumors coming out, his son Alejandro Fernández finally opened up about his father's health, saying that he won't go to the Hospital for a surgical intervention and that they changed his doctor to get another opinion and avoid any procedures. 

 Alejandro Fernández made these statements at a gala where he debuted his new album "Rompiendo Fronteras." During this event, Alejandro said his father couldn’t make it there because of his condition, but confessed he was actually really good and much happier than weeks ago.

"He had been given very bad news about his health lately, so we wanted to get a second opinion and the new doctor's advices have cheered up my father and he's very happy and actually at the studio recording some new music," El Potrillo revealed.

Chente's other son, Vicente Fernández Jr. was interviewed by "Hoy" and also spoke about his father. He revealed his father was "going through a very bad moment, but now he's feeling much better having this new treatment," Debate reported.

"They wanted to operate on the spine but then we got another opinion and it has had very good results," Vicente Jr. stated at the TV show.

Although Chente is sick, he keeps welcoming people at his ranch in Guadalajara and also shares with them and lets them take pictures of the property, which is totally opene for tourists from all over.