A dog savagely mauled a baby girl, leaving her in anguish during a family picnic at the beach.

RosieMay Fitchett, who was only 11 months old at the time, was stroking two tiny dogs as she sat cuddled in her auntie's arms when a larger animal abruptly attacked her.

The ferocious dog tore a portion of her cheek off, resulting in a big open wound that required over 50 stitches in a British Columbia hospital.

According to The Mirror, the newborn required multiple procedures to repair her face when a flesh can be seen on her cheek behind her eye.

Sarah Warren, the baby's mother, said the family didn't even have time to buckle her into her car seat instead of cradling her as she hurried her baby to the hospital, where she spent her first birthday.

Sarah has described how seeing her baby's face was so badly injured caused her to have a panic attack.

"It was super heartbreaking watching my baby go through that," she told the Summerland Review.

After her initial admission to a Kelowna hospital, her family transferred her to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver for another operation.

She also had vacuum therapy to help the incision heal faster and a skin graft once the reattached cheek tissue died.

Organizer Deanne Nixon made a GoFundMe to help with medical costs, travel bills, and future procedures that may not be covered.

Sarah, who has three dogs, confirmed that the dog that bit her kid had been euthanized.

"As sad as it is, if it does it once, it will do it again and next time it could be a kid's life," she said.

After a dog bite that left her in the BC Children's Hospital, RosieMay Fitchett is smiling, giggling, and becoming more herself every day.

The one-year-old had a long list of surgery ahead following the July 15 tragedy, Warren said. Apart from the operation, RosieMay had a blood transfusion.

But Warren is relieved that her daughter is unlikely to recall the incident since she does not want her daughter to be terrified of dogs, especially because she is already a dog lover.

RosieMay Fitchett was attacked by a dog at a beach in Nakusp on July 15. GoFundMe

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