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The motel room where former prison officer Vicky White and her convict lover Casey White stayed before their tragic love story ended has been gathering a long list of scheduled guests. A clerk at Motel 41 located in Evansville, Indiana said around 25 people called in to reserve the room last weekend.

According to the New York Post, Room 150 now has a long waitlist numbering about 70 crime fanatics wanting to immerse themselves in the infamous room where the couple spent their last days together. The room which typically goes for $63 a night now lists between $75 to $100. A receptionist at the desk said some people were even willing to fork out $150 to stay the night in the room.

“It’s quite a few people,” the receptionist said. “It’s pretty strange.”

Motel staffers said they were forced to remove the room number on the door after someone attempted to nick it as a souvenir. The room is located on the ground floor and is nothing extraordinary compared to the other rooms in the motel which feature a typical queen-size bed and a flat-screen TV. Crime fanatics looking to get a feel of the room are even willing to rent the adjoining unit. The motel room continues to generate a higher price demand as the waitlist grows.

Much interest from the media has also flooded the motel front desk as the receptionist describes getting “a million phone calls” to inquire about the room and actual events that took place from when Vicky and Casey checked in till their final moments.

Vicky, 56, was the assistant commander of operations at the Lauderdale County Jail who was on her official last day of work into her retirement. She walked out of the north Alabama lockup with convicted murder suspect Casey White on April on the premise of escorting him to court that day.

The couple fled in a car that Vicky reportedly purchased for the sole purpose of their planned escape. Both Vicky and Casey checked into Motel 41 biding their time to cool off their tracks from authorities who were already on their heels tracking them down through an intensive 11-day manhunt. The lovebirds were located and as they were being chased, Vicky allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Apparently, a car wash manager had called in an abandoned Ford F-150 truck that was stolen, as Vicky’s other getaway vehicle had broken down along the way.

A cache of weapons was found by investigators in their car, which included four handguns, an AR-15, and a number of semi-automatic weapons. The county Sheriff’s office said multiple wigs and about $29,000 in cash were also recovered from the vehicle.

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