A spine-chilling CCTV footage of a New Zealander stuffing the body of his Tinder date, Grace Millane recently surfaced. Jesse Kempson, who is guilty of strangulating the 21-year-old Brit backpacker to death after she stayed over at his hotel apartment, is seen using a trolley to wheel two cases into a lift at a motel that he check-in to, more often than usual.

The ghastly incident also shed light on his other sex offenses in the past -- not too long before Millane’s murder. Kempson allegedly raped another Tinder date of his, shortly before he met Grace. He also faced another trial on the grounds of sexual assault, as part of an ordeal that cites he forced his then-girlfriend into sexual acts out of her will, on multiple occasions.

A recent report also cites that Kempson was then seen returning with it carrying luggage that he later admitted was “loaded with Millane’s naked body folded into the fetal position”.  Soon after, Kempson hid the suitcase in a rented Toyota hatchback and speeded away to the outskirts to bury it.

Surveillance video also captured the moment Kempson led Millane up to his room they hung out all evening in the town. Grace died a day before she turned 22, and her body was discovered in a wooded area in the Waitakere Ranges near Auckland on Dec. 9.

Millane’s parents were inconsolable when the video was played in court during Kempson’s murder trial. As quoted in a statement, they said,  “As a family, we do not think about him or speak his name.”

Kempson was sentenced to imprisonment with a non-parole period of 17 years for murdering Grace, from Essex, in Auckland in December 2018.

Grace Millane Grace Millane was strangulated to death by her tinder date, on the eve of her 22nd birthday. PA:PRESS ASSOCIATION/PA IMAGES