There is a fresh tale about Shakira and Gerard Piqué every day. Piqué's mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, and other family members are being drawn into the couple's breakup since it has become such a contentious and public story.

A previous video of Shakira and Bernabeu talking while the latter reached out to grab Shakira's face went viral a few days ago.

In the footage, Bernabeu can be seen holding to Shakira's face. She motions with a finger to her lips for her to be quiet, and they resume speaking as if nothing had happened. Speaking to them in the video is Piqué as well. Shakira appears at ease in the video, as though the two are familiar with one another and at ease with their boundaries, despite the fact that viewers have interpreted it as the perfect window into the tension that exists between Shakira and Bernabeu.

With the release of Shakira's brand-new song, which bears her name, rumors of a conflict between the two singers gained popularity. The lyrics, which are obviously a hit at Piqué and the manner in which he handled the breakup of their relationship, read, "You left me with my mother-in-law as my neighbor, with the press at the door and a debt with the state."

Shakira was prepared with a mannequin that resembled a witch just one day after releasing the stunning diss track. The black mannequin was set up on the Colombian star's balcony. However, the witch was positioned such that it directly faced Montserrat's window. Additionally, the Colombian celebrity has been deliberately upsetting Pique's mother by playing her insult song at full force at her house.

The separation of her son from Shakira has caused Bernabeu some stress, according to the Spanish magazine Lecturas. According to the article, Bernabeu is "devastated" and that she and her grandchildren, Milan and Sasha, are now at odds because of the split between her and Shakira. According to the publication, Bernabeu encouraged Piqué to patch things up because she wanted the couple to work out their differences.

However, theshocking new video has just surfaced on the internet that reveals Shakira’s bond with her mother-in-law.

Shakira and Montserrat Bernabeu. Hola/Gettyimages

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