Rosie Perez Exits 'The View'
The Latina actress has announced on "The View" that she is leaving the talk show after only one season. Watch her tearful goodbye here! ABC

Rosie Perez announced this morning on "The View" that she was leaving the talk show after only being on the panel for one season. "You guys all heard [the news]. I've decided that it's time to move on and I will say that today is very bittersweet for me. I am excited for what is to come but I am so sad to leave 'The View,' the staff, the producers, ABC and especially these two ladies," she said while pointing at Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace who have been there since she started this season. "I want to thank you for your friendship, Nicolle, and your intelligence and your wit and your sunshine. Whoopi, I want to thank you for everything—your guidance, your professionalism and most of all your friendship. It's a dream sitting here with you and you're truly the captain of the ship."

This week it was confirmed by executive producer Bill Wolff that Perez would be leaving after rumors sparked her future was not set in stone. "Our friend Rosie Perez has decided to leave the show at the conclusion of this season to pursue full time her love for acting," Wolff said in a statement. "Stepping into the role of talk show host at the same time she has been starring on Broadway has been incredibly impressive. And beyond being an enormously talented performer, Rosie is a dedicated advocate who has brought passion and insight to the panel every day. Rosie will always be a part of The View family, and we will welcome her back as a guest anytime to catch up," Wolff continued. "We'll plan a proper send off for her in a few weeks, but in the meantime, please join me in thanking her for her great work on the show."

Rosie Perez was one of the new additions to "The View" after it underwent a major revamp. At the start of 2015 she was notably absent and audiences were told that the actress was in rehearsals for a new play with Larry David. At the time, a report from Variety revealed that 50-year-old actress would not be returning to the ABC morning show and had been let go after only four months on the table. Producers of the talk show denied the rumors and a rep told the trade publication that "her [Perez] status with the show has not changed." We were thrilled when news broke that a Latina was joining the panel, but after seeing her on the show we were quickly dissappointed. We think Rosie is a great actress and knows a lot about politics and education, but she was just not cut out for the crossfire needed to be in a talk show. Watch her emotional goodbye down below and tell us if you are happy or sad she's leaving!

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