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Virginia Middle School teacher suspended after racist rants towards students. Pixabay

A Virginia Middle School teacher was suspended after going on a racist rant towards a Boushall Middle School student, telling her to "go back to wherever that Sanish-speaking country is.'

The racist rant was recorded in audio video where it was released by a Richmond Hispanic radio station causing hailstorm.

The radio station released the audio video on Facebook:

"A quien corresponda ! Nos enviaron este video del momento en la maestra de sexto grado Ms Austin de Thomas C. Boushall Middle School le prohibe hablar español a una estudiante."

The unidentified teacher is heard on the video saying "English is spoken in this class, period."

The student replies that her native language is Spanish, so she can talk in Spanish.

But the teacher then says that "when you in America, you gonna speak English in the classes that are spoken here."

The mother of the student says that this incident has affected her, and that when she got home from school that day, that she went straight to her room and cried.

"El dia que pasó esto mi hija llegó a la casa y se encerró en el cuarto y no paraba de llorar," the students mother said during a school board meeting on Tuesday. "Nosotros los padres, tenemos que estar dispuestos a defender a nuestros hijos."

According to a report, 44% of the students attending Boushall Middle School are Hispanics.

A school official confirmed in a statement that the teacher had been suspended.

"Racism, bigotry, and intolerance of any kind will not be tolerated at Richmond Public Schools," RPS Chief Wellness Officer Renesha Parks said in a statement."The employee is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the Employee Relations team."

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