Vladimir Putin
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Russian President Vladimir Putin might get another seafront pleasure palace as he is reportedly trying to grab a huge parcel of land in Georgia.

According to Daily Mail, Aslan Bzhania, who is the de-facto leader of the breakaway Abkhazia region on the Black Sea, said that he has been ordered to hand over a "beachside paradise" near the resort city of Pitsunda by the Russian leader. It is said that a 49-year lease was secretly signed. It reportedly handed over the control of 115 hectares of water, 186 hectares of land and a nearby military camp to Putin's Federal Protection Service, sparking protests among those living in the area.

Putin might use the site, which houses a summer bolt-hole built by Josef Stalin, to build a new house for himself. This comes after opponents exposed his 1 billion pounds ($1,22,52,75,000.00) palace.

Bzhania told the locals that he is powerless to refuse the demand by Putin as his fledgling government can't survive without the support of Russia's military. He said, "I can say for sure that the Russian Federation can do without this dacha, but can we do without the support of the Russian Federation, its armed forces and its structures that guard our borders here?"

Putin, 69, has made at least two visits to the region, according to DT Next. One trip was in 2013 and the other in 2017.

Bzhania shared that now there are new technologies, "new security conditions for protected persons. In accordance with this, such work is, of course, needed there." He added that they are going to carry out a major overhaul so that "this facility works as a full-fledged residence of the President of the Russian Federation."

As reports of the Bichvinta part of Abkhazia being handed over to Russia emerged, Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili called the move by Russia an "annexation," Mirror reported. He said that what they were seeing in Bichvinta "is a form of annexation of Georgian territory by Russia." He noted that they saw a "strong popular reaction to the developments." He strongly condemned this move and called on the "international community to strongly react to this."

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves his presidential plane during the welcoming ceremony at the airport, July 19, 2022, in Tehran, Iran. Russian President Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan arrived to Iran for the summit. Photo by Contributor/Getty Images

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