It’s been claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Chinese leader Xi Jinping over his lack of support amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Putin is said to have ranted about Jinping over his failure to help in sanctions busting, reported Daily Star. Russia was hit with wide ranging sanctions at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Russia has now reportedly become frustrated at China’s failure to provide technological and financial support subject to sanctions by the UK, US and other nations. The sanctions are aimed at crippling Russia’s economy following the invasion of Ukraine.

According to, China’s President is one of Putin’s closest allies. He is also one of the few world leaders to not condemn Putin's invasion of Ukraine. And now the General SVR telegram channel has revealed that Putin expressed his personal dissatisfaction with Jinping "in harsh and obscene terms" during a recent meeting.

Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is said to have felt Putin’s sharp tongue. This was so as the Russian leader reportedly part blamed him for the failure in negotiations with China. As Lavrov tried to speak, Putin interrupted him and called him "an a*****e," according to General SVR, which is reportedly run by a Kremlin insider.

China and Russia previously declared their “no limits” friendship before the war. But China has been hesitant in helping Russia evade sanctions. Russia pressed China to offer new forms of economic support on at least two occasions. One Chinese official reportedly described it as "tense" negotiations.

China reportedly fears the US and its allies could cut the Asian country off from critical technology and also target its financial system. China “understands” Russia’s “predicament," said a person in Beijing with direct knowledge of the discussions. The source said that they cannot ignore their "own situation in this dialogue." The source added that China has made clear its position on the situation in Ukraine, and on the illegal sanctions against Russia, and that "China will always act in the best interest of the Chinese people.”

Meanwhile, Jinping has reportedly tasked his officials with coming up with ways China can offer help to Russia without violating sanctions.

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin seen during the Summit of Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) at the Grand Kremlin Palace, May,16,2022, in Moscow, Russia. Leaders of post-Soviet states have gathered at the Kremlin for the summit of CSTO marking its 30th anniversary this year. Photo by Contributor/Getty Images

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