NBC’s “The Voice” is probably one of the most popular singing competition TV shows in the US. But the popularity of the program, which is now currently in its 17th season, also meant that it would become the subject of some rumors from time to time.

One type of perennial “The Voice” rumors is that two or more of its judges might be feuding. To keep fans up to speed, here are a few of the recent ones, as collated by Gossip Cop.

Blake Shelton Asks Gwen Stefani To Leave (August 2018)

Shelton and Stefani met and fell in love on “The Voice.” But last year, Life & Style reported that the country singer started to think that having his girlfriend on the same show might eventually spell trouble for their relationship.

“Gwen and Blake don’t fight much at home, but when they were on The Voice they disagreed and butted heads a lot,” the publication quoted a source. However, it’s evident that the reporter didn’t get its facts right as Shelton is excited to have Stefani back in the current season.

Other Coaches Are “Furious” Over Mariah Carey Joining (October 2018)

Two months later, it was Radar Online that reported that “The Voice” coaches, composed of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, were “furious” over NBC’s decision to hire Mariah Carey as key advisor.

“They privately voiced their opinions and they were all overturned by NBC,” the publication quoted an unnamed tipster. “They don’t want the drama and stress she brings to shows she’s on,” the tipster added. But Gossip Cop later debunked the claim since the coaches had nothing but praises for the “Hero” singer.

Shelton Plotted For Levine’s Ouster (June 2019)

In June 2019, Globe reported that Shelton might have a hand in Levine’s exit from “The Voice.” According to the publication, the country singer was secretly pleased over the Maroon 5 frontman’s departure.

“Blake couldn’t be more pleased,” the publication quoted an unnamed source. “Blake and Adam didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, particularly Gwen.”

But it was later revealed that Levine’s departure had nothing to do with Shelton or his alleged machinations. “We’re gonna miss him on the show, but I think he was ready and felt like it was the right time,” John Legend, one of the show’s coaches, revealed.

Stefani Furious Over Taylor Swift Joining (September 2019)

Just last month, Life & Style reported that Stefani was not pleased with Swift joining the show as a mentor. “This was supposed to be [Stefani’s] big comeback,” the publication quoted a source. “She doesn’t want anyone stealing her thunder.”

However, the report’s claim was later debunked when Stefani expressed excitement about having Swift on board the show as they’ve been longtime pals. “I think Taylor’s gift is more her songwriting, and I feel like that’s the same for me, so I thought we related to each other a lot,” Stefani said. “She’s just so relatable in the way she writes, especially to girls — and to me.”

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