AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has seen its fair share of main character deaths and departures in the past 10 years of its run. Danai Gurira’s Michonne has reportedly reached her final season of shooting, and now sources point to Norman Reedus’s Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol to be making their exit soon as well.

TWD Season 10 kicked off with a blaze last Sunday, and fans await expectantly for the promise of a bloody new season for the hit AMC series. The first three episodes have been teased to feature a lot of Daryl and Carol moments, and their interactions after their worlds have seemingly spun out of control.

In one particular sit-down moment of the two in the first episode, Daryl hilariously told his fellow Season 1 survivor that she’s his “best friend.” As the two toss some sweet, friendly banter toward each other, Carol suddenly gets hit by a sobering thought.

“You ever wonder if this is all there is?” she asked Daryl. “Just run into people, kill each other until whoever’s left says enough?”

This prompts Carol to ask Daryl to run away with her, away from everything. “We’ll take your bike and go out on the road,” she furthered, citing New Mexico as their destination.

As sweet as the exchange between the two were, this conversation may have just pointed out to the major character’s possible departure from the flagship series. This, however, is not expected to come in the next few episodes.

Carol has been hinted to hold a rivalry with Alpha for killing her son. More realistically, the two may pick up their getaway plan after the antagonist and the Whisperers are dealt with.

Reedus, in an interview, just believes this conversation to be a whimsical “what-if?” rather than any concrete plan of leaving. “I just think they’re sitting on a log and they’re daydreaming,” he said.

“They’re kind of daydreaming about stuff. We’re kind of window-shopping opportunities. I think it’s what you would do. You’d be, ‘Meh, I just wish things would be different right now.’ So it’s two friends doing that. Sparking a little openness to them,” he added.

No concrete confirmation of their departure has been made, but leaving the whole franchise entirely is probably out of the question. Last November, the two actors signed extensions guaranteeing their involvement with the Walking Dead Universe for another three years.

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