“The Walking Dead” Season 10 episode 1 just aired on television, bringing back the full hype on AMC’s hit zombie series. As much of a cliffhanger the first episode was for viewers, the spoilers suggest to stick it out for the next few releases as it’s expected to keep getting better from there.

The first episode dragged on because of the massive world building and the updates after another time jump, which TWD is so well known for. Fans can now expect things to heat up further, especially with the precedence for the war already laid out in Alpha spotting Carol across the border.

Episode 2: We Are The End Of the World

Synopsis: “The origin of Alpha and Beta’s bond is revealed as the Whisperers gather and prepare herds.”

According to early-release viewers, fans will be finding out more about the antagonist Alpha. The dynamic of this eccentric villain will now be explored even further, particularly her relationship to Beta and the origins of their bond.

Fans can also expect the appearance of Gamma in this episode and how her presence muddles the current status quo of the Whisperer group. Her thoughts go directly against Beta’s, and with Alpha picking sides, there’s definitely some conflict here that is sure to unravel.

Check out episode 2 trailer below:

Episode 3: Ghosts

Synopsis: “The threat of the Whisperers return leads to a paranoia sweeping over Alexandria.”

The third episode will revolve around one of the two remaining original survivors from Season 1, Carol. The strong-willed mother and former “Queen” to the Kingdom has an axe to grind for her adoptive son Henry’s death at the hands of Alpha. Her revenge arc starts here, which will further fuel the anti-Whisperer talk within Alexandria.

The title of the episode highlights Carol’s trauma from losing all her “children.” This PTSD might just push her over the edge, causing her to start something that their community might just all regret.

It’s also plausible that in accordance with Carol’s grieving process, King Ezekiel’s predicted death/disappearance may be foreshadowed here. Many suspect him to lose his life in the coming season, plausibly to further push the plot forward.

The Kingdom’s leader is expected to stay at least until the 6th episode. But viewers may feel the impact of his disappearance starting from this episode.

Episode 4: Silence The Whisperers

Synopsis: “Still paranoid Alexandrians get riled up over the Whisperers and take their fear out on Negan.”

Episode 5: What It Always Is

Synopsis: “Supplies go missing from Hilltop; Negan is idolized by an Alexandrian; Ezekiel holds a secret.”

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