The tenth season of “The Walking Dead” is set to premiere next month, and fans wait expectantly for the strongly hyped Whisperer’s War. As the trailers and teasers continue to pour for AMC’s hit series, more spoilers and theories rise, hinting at what’s in store for Season 10.

Another Time Jump

TWD Season 9’s return from its midseason break had fans shocked with the six-year time lapse from the last episode. This may happen once again, albeit in a shorter dose, as Season 9 ended with winter upon them. Another time jump is expected, placing the 10th season somewhere in spring.

This transition may help with the visible age difference of the younger characters in their months of shooting. This may also steer the course toward the upcoming second spin-off series, which features the first-generation of children who were born mid-apocalypse.

Varied Setting And More Environmental Hazards

We will be seeing a more varied setting for our survivors. Last year’s winter expedition showed a different struggle for the survivors, and future environmental hazards may provide a new challenge for Rick Grimes’ survivors.

In one of the teasers for the show, one character appeared to be in front of what looks like a forest fire. Some aquatic adventures from the Oceancide community are also teased, a story arc that has been previously explored by the spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead.”

“We’re still exploring other kinds of environmental obstacles that we haven’t done and seen before so there will be some other new stuff to look out for,” said showrunner Angela Kang.

Negan, Alpha And A New Villain

Negan is assuredly going to be released from prison. Kang expects to exploit his conflicted storyline and show a changing anti-hero.

On the other hand, the Whisperer’s Alpha and Beta are set to return, and Alpha’s death is predicted as a sure thing to start the Whisperer’s war. The entry of the ultra-loyal Gamma may also shake things up as her motives are currently unknown.

Carol And Alpha Clash

The two female characters are predicted to butt heads in the near future. They have been repeatedly lumped together for the strong parallelism as mothers who would do anything to protect their child. They have been teased to confront each other, as hinted by both Kang and Carol actress Melissa McBride.

“I feel like there deserves to be one, Carol wants vengeance,” McBride told the audience at SDCC. “They’re both two incredibly powerful women, who just happen to be on opposite sides of this kind of epic struggle that is happening between our people and the whisperers,” Kang revealed. “So there’s just some real cool stuff up ahead.”

Return Of Maggie

After the cancelation of the action-comedy-drama “Whiskiey Cavaliers,” there’s a huge possibility for Lauren Cohan’s Maggie to return to TWD Season 10. If that reason’s not enough, Kang gave fans her assurance that they’re making Cohan's return to the series a reality.

“I'm not sure if I can say much about it right now actually,” she told EW. “I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”

Rick And Daryl’s Reunion

As every TWD fan knows that Rick isn’t dead, his story arc may continue at some point, especially as questions about his whereabouts always come up. It has been six years since his disappearance, but Michonne is still struggling, and Daryl seems to be heading off to find him again.

Daryl finding Rick would be highly likely, whether it’s happening in the flagship series or in Rick Grime’s trilogy film. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Scott Gimple was asked if a Daryl-Rick reunion is in the cards. “I can’t rule that out,” he replied.

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