“The Walking Dead” Season 10 hype continues to rise with the premiere set for Oct. 6. The Season 9 finale concluded with the survivors of Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop banding together to brace for the perils that the weather brought upon them.

The tenth installment promises to be an action-packed storyline with the rising threat of Alpha’s Whisperers and the upcoming and greatly anticipated Whisperer War. Fans of AMC’s show are also waiting excitedly for the subsequent arrival of the Commonwealth arc, which was revealed in the TWD comics.

The comic series ended a few months back. But a look back at a special release may actually reveal how the storyline will go on after the currently known end.

Almost two months from today, the widely known event called the Local Comic Shop Day will arrive. This will provide indie artists the chance to market their comics properly, as well as give fans the chance to find highly sought-after editions of their favorite graphic novels.

This will provide a unique opportunity for avid TWD comic fans to find rare variants, alternates, one-shots or other collectibles of their favorite franchise. Among these possible treasures that can be found this November will be a physical copy of the elusive one-off called “The Alien” by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin. The storyline takes place on the TWD universe and sets it in the streets of the zombie-infested Spain.

The comic book is only currently available as a digital copy with a “name your price” format. It will be available for Local Comic Shop Day 2019 on Nov. 23 for a suggested retail price of only $5.99.

This particular comic book is the only one written and illustrated by people other than Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore or Charlie Adlard. However, the alien storyline has been confirmed by the TWD creator to be part of the official canon, meaning that it in fact did take place during the events of our beloved AMC show.

It’s possible that the future of “The Walking Dead” series would lie in Spain, now that the TWD comic series has ended and scriptwriters have the freedom to go any direction to continue on with the show. This provides a new avenue to explore and may build up on Rick Grimes’ backstory with the secret hidden within the pages of “The Alien.”

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