“The Walking Dead” Season 10 trailer sparked a lot of interest at San Diego Comic-Con late last July, hyping things up for the highly anticipated premiere of the next TWD installment in October this year. Fans have been guessing what will happen next in AMC’s post-apocalyptic television drama and how the show will proceed after diverting its course from the recently ended graphic novel series of the same name.

It comes as no surprise that Alpha will die in Season 10 of “The Walking Dead” as her death will be the catalyst for the highly teased Whisperer War. In the comics, Negan infiltrates their camp as a prisoner wishing to be converted but ends up assassinating the group’s leader instead.

It is also logical that Beta will die as his death may provide the necessary force to stop the Whisperers entirely. He may lose his life toward the end of the season, leaving the rest of his group to scatter without any semblance of leadership. 

However, what fans are anxious to know is who among their favorite characters are doomed to die in Season 10 of “The Walking Dead.” Here are some of the more popular death predictions.


Gabriel seems to be a popular choice to be killed off in the upcoming season. In the comics, the priest dies after slipping and getting his leg stuck on the rungs of a ladder, leading Beta to stabbing and killing him. Although the specifics of his death may change, this seems to be a logical choice for the story to progress, possibly pushing his lover Rosita and fellow survivor Eugene into a path of redemption for themselves.

King Ezekiel

The eccentric Ezekiel was supposed to die in Season 9 at the pikes like his son, if the comics were to be followed. However, his survival seems to have placed him at a position with nothing left to go on: Carol left him, he’s no longer the Kingdom’s leader and his son just died. 

His death in Season 10 would become a powerful scene for the viewers and possibly become a catalyst for the other survivors to take a stand against the Whisperers. In the recently released trailer, Ezekiel and Michonne were shown to kiss, which would make his death an even bigger impact on the katana-wielding leader.


Michonne’s actress, Danai Gurira, is already widely known to depart from the series, leaving the question of how exactly will this be done in the show. The popular opinion is that she will go search for other communities elsewhere. However, it does not seem logical for Alexandria’s leader to simply leave everything she’s worked hard for in order to find something else.

The upcoming Whisperer War may provide another unique and powerful way for the character to go and steer the series into a more dramatic path. Michonne can die in a blaze of glory, turning into the martyr that will finally push the divided communities to unite and defeat the intruding group.

The Walking Dead 'The Walking Dead' official cover photo. The Walking Dead/Facebook