“The Walking Dead” set Daryl Dixon to slowly take over Rick Grimes’ shoes as Alexandria’s leader after Rick’s exit in Season 9 Episode 5. But potential spoilers reveal that the new leader may meet his gruesome death and say goodbye in Season 10.

Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes left a big gap to fill for the remaining characters of “The Walking Dead.” Lincoln’s leadership is that gap, and Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is slowly filling that gap as he is hailed as the new leader of Alexandria.

It seems, however, that leadership is not the only thing that Daryl may inherit from Rick. Robert Kirkman, creator of the “The Walking Dead” comics and the show’s source material, recently released the comic’s Issue 191.


In the latest comic issue, Rick arrested Pamela for attempting to throw him over. In order to avoid violence, Rick persuaded the people of the Commonwealth that war is not the answer. Pamela was locked in a cell.

Sebastian Milton, a character not yet present in the television series, sneaked into Rick’s bedroom during the night. To avenge his mother’s loss of power in the community and for being locked in the cell, Sebastian shot Rick in the chest.

Issue 191 did not close with Rick dying. But with a shot in the chest, he is unlikely to survive. If “The Walking Dead” writer Angela Kang decided to throw in the comic’s canon in the television series, it will be highly possible that Daryl is that character to be shot since Rick is no longer on the show.

It might be possible too that Daryl may not be the next Rick. “The Walking Dead” star Seth Gilliam, actor who portrays Father Gabriel, revealed that Reedus’ character is unlikely to become the next leader of Alexandra and Hilltop.

“I don’t know if you want to put a lot of words into Daryl’s mouth, because I think he communicates in other ways,” Gilliam revealed. According to him, Daryl’s personality is different from Rick, and he thinks Reedus would agree that it is unnatural for Daryl to talk a lot and give speeches.

“Oh, suddenly the guy’s who’s very quiet and intense is giving these speeches and I think Norman [Reedus] feels the same way about that as well, that it would be little out of character,” Gilliam concluded.

What do you think will happen in “The Walking Dead” Season 10?

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Viewers are still reeling from the shocking losses in "The Walking Dead" Season 9, Episode 15, "The Calm Before." It seems that the worst part is over and that all the deaths this season could claim have happened in this episode, but the season-ender is still going to be a big one. The Walking Dead/AMC

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