“The Walking Dead” Season 10 continues, revealing the backstory of the mask-wearing antagonists, the Whisperers. Fans of the TWD graphic novel would know that Negan brought about Alpha’s demise, but one theory points to this character putting an end to the enemy’s leader.

In the comics, the bat-wielding antihero escaped his prison in Alexandria to join the Whisperers. After being disgusted by how little humanity and morality is left within the enemy camp, he beheads the leader in order to build trust with Rick’s company. The current trajectory of the series will not permit such a betrayal, making Negan unlikely to kill Alpha in the show.

One major theory going around is that Carol would kill Alpha in an epic showdown. The Season 1 survivor went through hell and back in order to live happily as a mother, but Alpha took that away when she beheaded Carol’s son, Henry. The theory became even more fitting when the two locked eyes in the first episode of Season 10, possibly signaling the start of the Whisperer War.

However, the most recent episode of the season, “We Are The End Of The World,” shows us Alpha’s backstory and possibly hints at her greatest weakness. The episode hinges on Alpha and Beta’s partnership and also underlies the inconsistencies tugging at the Whisperers’ leader. Her greatest downfall is being a mother, and her greatest weakness is her daughter, Lydia.

The Whisperers’ leader has shown repeatedly the lengths she would go through for her daughter. Despite seemingly following the Whisperers’ code, she compromised that belief whenever her daughter was in the picture. It is this love for her child that will ultimately be her demise.

Lydia’s current position in the Alexandrian community paints her as a stranger and, ultimately, the daughter of the enemy. It won’t be a surprise if Alpha’s maternal instincts kick in, attempting for one last conversion back into the enemy camp. However, Lydia’s previous abuse at the hands of her mother and the killing of her beloved Henry might just push her to be on the offensive.

Her killing of her own mother might just be enough to place her in the good graces of the people of Alexandria, much like Negan’s motives and actions in the comics. This would tie up the loose ends of people distrusting her and provide some importance to why her backstory is so integral to the tenth installment.

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