“The Walking Dead” Season 10 kicked of full well in the past two weeks, with the tension getting higher between Rick Grimes’ friends and the Whisperers as they blow up to a full-scale war. Aside from the much-hyped Whisperer War, fans await expectedly the fate of two major characters: Michonne and Maggie.

Danai Gurira’s Michonne has long been known to leave “The Walking Dead.” Season 10 is slated to be Gurira’s last appearance on the show, yet the current circumstances of her upcoming disappearance remain a question mark to viewers.

It is widely speculated that the katana-wielding leader of Alexandria won’t simply be killed off. Instead, she might disappear, much like Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. The longtime main protagonist of the hit AMC series was carted off in a helicopter and presumed dead.

This move effectively cut him out of TWD but left him available for future use. Lincoln is set to reprise his role in the currently in-production movie trilogy of TWD, hinting at a possibility that there’s still a future for Grimes’ in the flagship series.

Gurira is also rumored to make an appearance in the movies, which strengthens speculations that she may not be killed of just yet. One fan theory postulates that she might be abducted, just like what happened to Grimes, leading to an eventuality where the two would cross paths in the movie.

But it’s also entirely plausible for Michonne to die this season as her death could provide a big plot point to move the story in the latter portion of Season 10. Her death may be exemplified as martyrdom, which would push the survivors to band together and take action to defeat their opponents.

This will also provide an avenue for a new savior in the form of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee. Cohan is already slated for Season 11 but is speculated to make an appearance as early as the current installment.

Her re-entry into the series may be spun as a timely swoop to lead the survivors into victory. But it is also said to usher in another highly awaited arc: the Commonwealth arc.

One fan theorizes, however, that Maggie may return not as the responsible and sensible leader she was known in the previous seasons. She may actually become the next season’s antagonist, with her morals and thoughts twisted because of her experience away from the community.

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