Each day there are billions of people who use the Internet, and most are being influenced by others in one way or another. Many even seek that influence, especially when it comes to making purchases. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 82% of U.S. adults say they have checked out online reviews and ratings before making a product purchase. Of those, 40% say they almost always check out online reviews before making a purchase.

Online reviews appeal to a wide demographic, according to the Pew report, but those under 50 are especially more likely to incorporate online reviews into their shopping. Furthermore, they report that 55% of adults in the country have watched online video reviews to help them make a purchasing decision. Whether they want reviews on the latest fashion trends and items, or they are looking for the best beauty products on the market, among many other products, video reviews give people the info and visuals they need.

Many of the famous influencers that we regularly follow on Instagram, are generally associated with big brands and are paid to give a "review" of the product. In almost all cases, those reviews that are supposed to be honest and real, but sometimes they don't necessarily always reflect the point of view of the person who is promoting it.

The Federal Trade Commission informed influencers and marketers that they should clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing products through social media. According to their Endorsement Guides any material connection, like a business or family relationship, monetary payment, or the gift of a free product, should be mentioned and disclose above the “more” button and hashtags, pointing out that many consumers will not understand a disclosure like “#sp,” “Thanks [Brand],” or “#partner” in an Instagram post to mean that the post is sponsored.

Influencers and their reviews can be found all over Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but if you are looking to share real opinions, like the many honest reviews that can be found on Yelp or Amazon, you can find an alternative in Indi

“People crave video reviews from others because it helps them make an informed decision about making a purchase,” explains Neel Grover, the founder and chief executive officer of Indi. “If you think about it, we all have ‘influence’ with our family or friends, so we have made it possible for anyone to become a paid influencer by sharing their reviews with their circle of friends, and they can earn money as they do it.”

With Indi you don't have to rely only on famous people to give reviews, anyone can create online video in a brand friendly environment. The site allows anyone to create shoppable video that can be shared natively into your social media channels, leading to retailers’ websites for direct purchases which then provide a commission to the content creator. This is an area especially popular with those who promote fashion, beauty, entertainment, electronics, travel, gaming, and fitness.

This platform helps bridge the gap between consumers who want to give their authentic and honest reviews, brands that want to engage with their customers, and the public who wants to watch online video reviews. Individual users can create their own channel, upload their content, share with their friends, family, and on social media outlets, and monetize it with commissionable shopping links to sell merchandise. 

You can find over 100 million shoppable products in its catalog, featuring major name brands such as Canon, Nike, Adidas, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Zales, Walmart, The North Face, STS Blue and many more.