A judge in Colorado has ordered the arrest of pro-Trump clerk Tina Peters on Thursday after she was seen and photographed at an event in Las Vegas before she lost the Republican primary in Colorado for secretary of state.

Tina Peters, a clerk for Mesa County in Colorado, became a well-known figure of the far-right Republican movement during the 2020 elections when she peddled former U.S. President Donald Trump’s false statements regarding a cheating at the election, according to the Independent.

She was arrested in May 2021 after her actions with other deputies on the voting machines in Colorado resulted in confidential voting machine logins and forensic images of their hard drives to be published online in a QAnon-related Telegram channel, CNN reported.

This also caused Mesa County to dump the machines themselves, which reportedly cost them over $600,000 to replace.

Peters was seen in the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in Las Vegas, Nevada with fellow Republican and Arizona supervisors board candidate Gail Golec in an Instagram photo that was posted online.

“Strategizing next steps for #election protection with these super heroes,” Golec captioned the post.

District Judge Matthew Barrett gave out the arrest warrant and revoked Peters’ bond after District Attorney Dan Rubinstein asked for it after learning her flagrant and public show of leaving the state.

Peters' attorney, Harvey Steinberg, claimed that he was out of office when the new impositions on Peters’ travel beyond state lines was implemented, and therefore was unable to tell his client about it. He claims that she had unknowingly violated the terms of her bond, and is attempting to schedule a new hearing to potentially remove the arrest warrant on her.

Peters attempted to run for secretary of state in the Republican primary of Colorado, but lost to Pam Anderson, a former county clerk who has stood by the election results and has promised competency in her position. Peters has filed a request for a recount after the election results were published.

Tina Peters, a former clerk in Mesa County facing charges against her after helping other deputies hack into the voting machines in Colorado, is facing an arrest warrant after she left the state of Colorado despite court orders. Marc Piscotty / Getty Images.

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