An 83-year-old man was assaulted by a man during a bus ride in the Bronx. Police are now searching for the suspect, who poured a drink on the elderly man and punched him.

A footage of the May 31 incident was released by cops on Wednesday. Police informed the public that they were searching for the unidentified individual who assaulted the man who was attempting to exit MTA Bus 8621. Police also said that anyone who will be able to provide information about the suspect would get a reward up to $3500.

Warning: Graphic content

According to police, the victim was trying to get off near Barnes Avenue and E. Gun Hill Road in Williamsbridge around 5.30pm, but he couldn't step forward as the suspect came in his way, reported New York Daily News.

The elderly man reportedly said, “Excuse me." Instead of letting him go, the suspect poured his green drink on the victim’s head. Then the suspect threw some punches at the elderly man, and got off the bus, said police.

The victim was taken to a hospital, where he stayed for about a week. He suffered multiple facial fractures, according to Pix 11.

The suspect has been described as dark-skinned man, aged around 30 to 40, about 5-feet-11 tall. According to police, he weighs about 180 pounds, and wore a jacket with blue denims, black hat and sneakers when the incident happened. The tweet posted by cops has garnered a lot of attention. One Twitter user wanted to know the full story and wondered what that "man said to him to react that way."

Another requested for the audio though the netizen said that there was no excuse for what happened and that no one should ever lay hands on another. But the Twitter user feels that the audio may give more context to what happened in the altercation.

One more Twitter user asked for the video's audio while playing "the devil's advocate." The user said that it looks like the "brother was minding his own business and the elder said something to set him off. Wouldn't be the first time an old guy smacked out some lip service to some random person. Audio would end this issue real quick."

Elderly man
Representational image of an elderly man. PIXABAY