Tonight on an all-new "Big Bang Theory" Sheldon is still upset about all of the notoriety he is getting for discovering a new element. Sheldon is uncomfortable with his new found fame because his discovery was made by accident. "You discovered this element by mistake?" a radio host asks Sheldon, "everyone laugh at the circus freak," Sheldon responds. Everyone is happy for Sheldon and even Penny admits that she is jealous of his fame. As miserable as Sheldon is about his scientific discovery his melancholy will only get worse when Leonard drops a bomb on his persnickety roommate.

Leonard and Sheldon's friendship has gone through a lot. Leonard's patience has been tested numerous times due to Sheldon's attention to detail or need to control every little thing. There have even been a few episodes where Leonard left the apartment in anger over something Sheldon has said. Tonight Sheldon will look at Leonard as having taken away his greatest scientific achievement. Sheldon believes himself the intellectual superior of almost anyone he comes into contact with. So his ego will be significantly bruised when Leonard disproves his element.

Leonard was able to prove that Sheldon's lucky break in discovering a new element was nothing but a mistake. "I disproved it, your element does not exist," an excited Leonard tells Sheldon. Leonard is flummoxed when Sheldon is upset that all the attention he has been receiving will now disappear. Sheldon has been complaining nonstop that he does not deserve the attention because he got lucky. When Leonard disproves his element Sheldon yells at him. "I can't believe it. You robbed me of my greatest achievement!" Sheldon says.

The "Big Bang Theory" will air tonight at 8pm ET on CBS. Can't watch it at home catch up on everything "Big Bang" by watching full episodes at

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