"Essa bola vai rolar," is what Carlinhos Brown sings during the opening of Shakira's "La La La" World Cup 2014 anthem. Indeed the ball did roll inside the goal for Colombia to secure their victory over Ivory Coast in an intense soccer match. Goals from Juan Quintero and James Rodriguez gave three additional points to the Colombian national team to put them atop the Group C standings. After many years of sitting out of the biggest and most watched soccer tournament, Shakira's home country is smashing it on the green field. The meme above illustrates how things have probably gone down as Pique's Spanish team is out of the tournament and Colombia is in it for the long-haul. One moment that particularly stood out was Colombia's victory dance to the tune of the unofficial official World Cup song, "La La La (Brazil 2014)." Watch Colombia celebrate their goals down below!

Many viral moments have been seen during this tournament. Earlier this week, Superhero Memo Ochoa didn't allow Brazil to cheer a goal as he made save after save, giving México hope that they could actually win the difficult match. Ochoa was like a wall and no ball kicked from the opposing team got past him. There were a couple of balls that were very close, but Memo's great reflections and fast-thinking blocked them again saving México. Now all the El Tri fans are calling im a saint, juxtaposing his head on top of a Superman image, illustrating him as a wall, making him a new religious symbol and even postulating him for the Mexican presidency. The latter seems to be a little too much, but they make for hilarious memes in social media. It is an epic moment in Guillermo's career and it's one for the history books. We have compiled some of the best GIFs from his multiple saves so you can relive them over and over and over and over again. See Memo Ochoa's best saves in looping form here!

Over last weekendClint Dempsey and U.S. soccer team made their debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Natal, Brazil. Dempsey made his presence known at the 30-second mark in the USA Vs. Ghana match giving the stars and stripes team the leg up scoring the first goal. It was a leg up from the opposing team that injured the striker, leaving him bloody with a probable broken nose. The red, white and blue teammate showed off his professionalism, wiped himself clean and continued on with the game to fight with his team. Now that moment can be relived in its GIF glory over and over again. See looping image and video of the moment here!