"Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" is coming soon starring Gabriel Soto and Adriana Louvier. The Televisa production is based on a Caridad Bravo Adams classic with this updated version being helmed by Giselle Gonzalez. The aforementioned producer had worked with Roberto Gomez Fernández in productions like "Para Volver a Amar," "Alma De Hierro" and "Cachito De Cielo" side by side. With this new telenovela, she has broken lose and calling the shots and we are loving what we are seeing so far. A teaser for the soap was released this week that shows a lot of creepy mannequins and a voiceover that says: "They are charming, false, disloyal, dreamers, shameless...do you believe in them?" The preview gave us the chills and we can't wait for Univision to premiere it. Watch the first promo down below!

"Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" will also star Irán Castillo, Flavio Medina, Sophie Alexander and Rosa María Bianchi. The story revolves around a malicious family that torments the main protagonist. She falls in love with a man that only takes advantage of her good heart and ends up marrying another woman. One night he tries to abuse her and as self-defense he dies. Our leading lady is accussed of murder and sentenced to jail. This is where she swears never to believe in men again. After she regains her freedom she meets a lawyer that sparks her interest and the possibility of falling in love.