Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 10, Episode 7 Online: Why Does Ben Warren Return In The Halloween Special ‘Thriller’ [SPOILERS AND VIDEO]

"Grey's Anatomy"
Ben Warren and Derek Shepherd in the new episode of "Grey's Anatomy." ABC/Grey's Anatomy

Tonight's all-new episode of "Grey's Anatomy" has not disregarded the fact that it is airing on Halloween. In fact, it has embraced it and viewers should expect all kinds of spooky surprises. The upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" episode "Thriller" has taken on some real-life inspiration from the 2012 bath salts incident. When a 30-year-old male mauling victim is rolled into the ER, the staff can't believe what he tells them: "He just attacked me. He came out of nowhere. He's snarling and growling. He started eating my face." The he the man is speaking of is in fact a man and not an animal. The zombie attack doesn't stop there, one of the interns is also bitten in the frenzy.

The official synopsis for tonight's episode reads: "It's Halloween, and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial are hit with a barrage of spooky patients, which affects their own plans and puts one doctor's well-being in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Derek [Patrick Dempsey] collaborates with Ben [Jason George] on a new surgical technique, and Richard [James Pickens Jr.] angers Bailey [Chandra Wilson] when he asks a second-year resident to perform his next surgery, on a special Halloween episode. Jason George (Mistresses) guest-stars."

Ben Warren (Jason George) also makes an appearance in "Thriller." Sadly there doesn't look to be any romance between Ben and Bailey seeing how Bailey has her hands full with surgeries and Ben will helping Derek on a new surgical technique. Catch all the details for tonight's brand new episode of "Grey's Anatomy" below.

  • Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013
  • Start Time: 9:00 P.M. ET
  • Episode Name: "Thriller"
  • TV Info: ABC
  • Live Stream: ABC, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video

Keep in mind that the live stream options for tonight's episode are paid and will be available on the following sites the day after the episode airs. Will you be watching "Grey's Anatomy" "Thriller" tonight?

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