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Masked armed men with machetes steal large amounts of cash in Wigan shop PIXABAY

A 21-year-old Queensland man has been arrested after a TikTok video of him allegedly menacing commuters with a machete became viral. The horrifying footage shows a grinning man armed with a machete reportedly attempting to carjack a motorist stopped in traffic on Monday. The footage has gone viral on social media.

Tiktok user Ash Massacre was seated in the passenger side of a car at Deception Bay in Queensland when the man came to the car. 9News released a video and reported that the authorities were investigating the alleged carjacking.

Daily Mail reported that Massacre has posted to social media telling the man “politely” requested to be allowed inside the vehicle while the video shows a man holding a big machete tapping on the car's window and insisting the driver let him in. The suspect grins at the camera and taps the rear window a few times but is unsuccessful in getting through the locked doors. The man then walks down the street through traffic still holding the machete.

Queensland Police immediately responded to the scene and arrested the male suspect. According to, the suspect was charged with threatening violence, unlawful entry of a motor vehicle, and obstruction of police. The TikTok user said on a separate video that it was indeed terrifying and that she didn't know at that time because she was in shock. She stated that she couldn’t drive anywhere during that time because the car she was in was surrounded by other vehicles.

She said in a separate video, "We had stopped at the lights and basically I could see some dude walking through it and I was like ‘What’s he doing?’”

“And then, my husband was like, ‘Oh, he’s walking around with a machete’ and he was, like, swinging it around."

“So I began recording because I thought it was weird and my sisters would never believe that.”

The TikTok user added that she did not expect him to come to the car and never in a million years did she think he would try to get in.

The male suspect is scheduled to appear in court in December.

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