Paulina Rubio Guest Stars On 'Jane The Virgin'
The former "X-Factor" judge makes an appearance on the mid-season finale of the Golden Globe nominated CW show. CW

"Jane The Virgin" is our favorite show this season and it only keeps on getting better. In the mid-season finale, Chapter Nine, episode, Paulina Rubio is set to guest star. Xo (Andrea Navedo) has always been a fan of the former "X-Factor" judge and finally meets her. Could it be a dream? Is it really her or just someone that really looks like her? In the ninth episode Michael (Brett Dier) finds out a big clue in the "Sin Rostro" case, while Petra (Yael Grobglas) interferes in a gynecologist appointment with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Jane and Rafael don't know if Petra is serious about caring for Jane's baby or if she has an alterior motive for her sudden involvement. Xo is about to give up on her ambitions and she finally meets her idol. "Jane The Virgin" airs tonight at 9pm/8c on The CW. Watch a preview of the show down below and tell us what you think!

The story of "Jane The Virgin" centers around Jane Villanueva a young girl, who her grandmother, Alba, convinced her of two things: that telenovelas are the highest form of entertainment and that women must protect their virginity at all costs. At the age of 23, Jane is a driven young woman studying to become a teacher, nursing a dream to be a writer, and supporting herself with a job at a hot new Miami hotel. All the years of watching telenovelas with the two women who raised her -- her sexy, young-at-heart mother, Xiomara, and her still-devout grandmother, Alba -- have given Jane a slightly unrealistic view of romance. Still, she is determined not to make the same mistake her mother made -- becoming an unwed mother at 16. Jane has managed to find a wonderful fiancé: a handsome, hard-working detective named Michael, who loves her enough to accept her detailed timeline for their future together and even her insistence on “saving herself” until they’re married.

All of Jane’s meticulous life plans are turned upside down, however, when she sees her doctor for a routine check-up and is accidentally artificially inseminated with a specimen meant for the patient in the next room. Unbeknownst to her, the specimen belongs to Rafael, a reformed playboy and cancer survivor, who is not only the new owner of the hotel where Jane works but also a former summer crush of hers. A few weeks later, the unsuspecting Jane is faced with the most important decisions of her life. Will she continue with the pregnancy? How can she explain the situation to her fiancé and family? And what should she do about the wishes of the biological father, Rafael, and his scheming wife Petra? Though she has always tried to be the good girl who does the right thing, Jane’s life has suddenly become as dramatic and complicated as the telenovelas she has always loved.

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