Legend of Korra
"The Legend of Korra" season four episode six "Battle of Zaofu." Nickelodeon

Friday Nickelodeon will stream a new episode of "The Legend of Korra" online. The Avatar is back and already has to settle a big feud between Suyin and Kuvira. In episode five, "Enemy at the Gate," we seen Korra's return to Zaofu to learn that Kuvira has already arrived to her hometown to take over the place but not without a fight from Suyin. Throughout the episode the tension between the ladies is high and we can already tell an all-out battle is on the brink. Korra tries a peaceful solution first but it doesn't work out as planned and Suyin takes matters in her own hands.

In a sneak peek clip released by Nick we see that Suyin plans to dispose of Kuvira before she can start her takeover of Zaofu. In the clip Su knocks out an Earth Kingdom guard with the help of two Zaofu guards and the three sneak into Kuvira's base. There Su uses her earthbending to learn that Kuvira is alone in her tent with robot guards surrounding her tent. The clip ends with the three going underground to head into the tent and "take care" of Kuvira.

The clips synopsis reads: "Suyin begins a last-ditch attempt to put an end to Kuvira's despotism. Su is desperate - but will her plan work?" Check it out below:

There are a couple of different ways to watch "The Legend of Korra" Book Four, episode six "Battle of Zaofu." You can watch the episode on Nick.com at 12:00 p.m.., ET Nov. 7. You can also catch the episode on the Nick app for Android and iOS. You can purchase the episode from iTunes, Xbox Video, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video for about $2. Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to watch as well but be advised Hulu is a bit behind and the new episode may not be available right away.

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