Lili Estefan returned to her home of "El Gordo y La Flaca" after three weeks absent from the show. The Raul de Molina co-host was gone following the shocking revelation that she was separating from her long-time husband Lorenzo Luaces. "El Gordo" had announced Lili was to return last Wednesday, but at the last minute she fell ill and was not able to attend the live show. "It has been difficult days, not just for me, but it has been a hard month for everyone in the world," Estefan said after her much anticipated arrival. "This will be my best therapy every day."

Later on in the show, Estefan went deeper into the topic and she sounded off saying that many things happened after her announcement, the hurricanes, and was left with no electricity for a couple of days. "I work on a show that it's obvious you have to been in a very special mood and during the first weeks I didn't feel that," she told the audience. "I decided to take some time to take care of my kids. I think I have refocused in an incredible way, I think I'm starting a new phase and I wanted to do it like this, happy, positive and looking ahead, and ultimately you will be my best therapy."

"I can't thank Univision enough that allowed me to take these days with my kids, it was my opportunity to be a full-time mom," she added. "They were the first to tell me, last week, to get back to work. As a family we are more united than ever, I am not the type with scandals like Marjorie and Julián Gil, but I think when something like this happens... Lorenzo and I are more united than ever... Taking care of the kids is what is most important."

She concluded saying: "Thank you for all your support, for the love and what is most important was your prayers, I am here and I will be here. I am fine, I am moving forward with a lot of love."