Miley Cyrus’ new video leaked online one day early and the singer was not happy about it. Cyrus tweeted her disappointment calling out the “f**k face” that leaked her video. “Adore You” has had mixed reactions as some who have seen the video on YouTube left comments saying how much they loved it while others found it creepy and disturbing. Cyrus seems to have a newfound love of appearing in her music videos half or all-naked making sexual gestures. The video for “Wrecking Ball” surprised many and showed the world that “Hannah Montana” no longer exists.

The full video lasts four-minutes and 39-seconds and shows the singer simulating masturbation as she holds a hand held camera and licks and bites her own arm. The video shows Cyrus presumably masturbating and enjoying her self as she sings what is actually a beautiful ballad. Like her last video it is hard to focus on the lyrics since you cannot take your eyes off what is happening on the screen. The “self sex tape” idea for the video makes no sense and does not go with the song.

While the lyrics seem to suggest that Miley is missing someone, her actions in the video and the look on her face as she thrusts forward suggests she is doing just fine on her own. As she continues in the video the singer groped at herself several times and spends a lot of the time pulling on her lips as she is spread across the bed. If you manage to over look the fact that she is masturbating you realize that the video itself is boring.

There is nothing subtle or artistic about the video it is in your face and absurd. Once you get over the initial shock of the video and realize there is nothing happening than there is nothing to keep your attention. Sure there are some out there who are probably enjoying Cyrus’ “Adore You” and have likely broken their replay button but the talented singer is just wasting her time with these kinds of videos. She is artistic and has the potential to create a noteworthy video that is about more that how many times she grabbed her vagina.