In an apparent unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting, a huge mysterious human figure was seen flying near Tokyo Tower in Japan.

It is said to have happened on April 13, and the video of the alleged incident was shared on YouTube by Paranormal Research.

In the video, the person who uploaded it asks, "Is it a humanoid UFO or a human android right next to Tokyo Tower?" The clip went viral online, and then UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring analyzed it.

He wrote on his blog that a "huge human figure was seen near the Tokyo Tower in Japan," and that the dark figure was flying. The mysterious figure had no "visible jet pack or wings," and was also "not normal size, they are nearly 3 meters tall." Waring wrote that if it was a stunt by someone, it's "one that I have never seen or heard of before."

He described it as a "giant alien figure checking out the city from the best view location ever." He also noted that the video itself was posted by a Tokyo UFO researcher, and said that it is possible that an "alien who had God-like powers was flying around."

But he said that people would need more videos of the alleged event to confirm it, since "this area is popular with locals and tourists armed with cameras." He shared that if "this is real, then it's one of the most frightening videos I have ever seen." He believes that a "species three meters tall that can fly could easily take over the planet with little effort."

The self-proclaimed UFO expert previously claimed to have spotted a mysterious object hovering over Ukraine's capital Kyiv amid Russia-Ukraine war, Latin Times reported earlier. He had shared photos of a white disk flying in the sky above Ukraine, and said that it could be a "white long tic tac UFO." At the time, he wrote that the raw video was of an "unknown craft over Kyiv, Ukraine."

The object was hovering low then it apparently shot up at an angle and then across the city to shoot up and then down again. On the basis of his observations, he shared that the object that he spotted in Ukraine "has all the signs of being a UFO."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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