The biggest rap collaboration in the past decade came from Jay Z and Kanye West when they dropped their epic project, Watch the Throne. Laced with scortching bangers like "Otis", "Nig*gas in Paris", and "H.A.M.", the Roc-A-Fella duo solifided their greatness with that opus. After its release, fans prayed tirelessly for a sequel. Sadly, nothing came to fruition. Now, it appears that we finally have a reason  why a Watch the Throne 2 is highly dubious. 

During his Seattle stop on his "Saint Pablo Tour", Kanye explained how his appearance on Drake's "Pop Style" strained the process of ever considering a WTT 2

"It will never be a Watch The Throne 2,” Kanye West said. “You know why? Because that’s the reason why I wasn’t on the song. I wasn’t on the song cause of Hov. Cause it’s this TIDAL/Apple bullsh*t. And this shit be getting me tight every time I perform this muthaf*cka.”

Kanye didn't stop there. He later explained how Drake's rift with Meek also played a role in hindering the development of "Pop Style."

“We sent it back to [Drake],” the rapper said. “And he’s like ‘Oh sh*t, The Throne is on this sh*t.’ Then Jay thought about it. Out of respect for Meek Mill, he didn’t want to be on the track. And I said ‘Look, I’ll call Drake. I’ll call Meek. I’ll call y’all. We gotta squash this sh*t. We gotta let the people have this song.’ But then it went out of that [category]. It went into some TIDAL. Some shit, some political sh*t about percentages on songs. I can’t take this sh*t, bruh.”

Earlier this year, Drake conveyed to Zane Lowe why he didn't include the original "Pop Style" record on his album Views

“Jay didn’t really do a verse,” Drake said, during an interview with Zane Lowe in April. “Really I just was trying to get ‘Ye on it at first. And ‘Ye just sent it to me like that. Like ‘Yo, Jay kinda just did my first few lines for me. And he was just here. And that’s how we flexed it.’ It was cool … I mean, of course people wanna hear Jay Z rap. So, hearing him do two lines might be frustrating to a certain audience.”