For those wondering if the Regina-led superhero show would ever see a return, here’s great news coming your way! Folks, HBO has made it official: “Watchmen” will be back sooner than expected, but there’s a catch: The drama is taking on a new category and will be reclassified to limited series.

Confirming the same, the WarnerMedia-owned HBO released a statement: “We discussed with the producers and felt limited series was the most accurate representation of the show and any possible future installments.”

“Watchmen”, the hugely popular Damon Lindelof show sprouts inspiration from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic 1980s comic series. The show saw a successful running and is slated to make a comeback with more seasons after the first season (comprising nine-episode) was aired last fall.

As per a recent report, it’s pretty evident that the 'show could take on an anthology of sorts form', with contained stories like what shows like “American Horror Story” or “Fargo” have attempted over the years.

In keeping with the current scenario, the reclassification is being pegged as a smart move for multiple reasons. Firstly, with Emmy nominations just around the corner, HBO appears to be vying for the "best-limited series" category with “Watchmen”. Well done, HBO for handling a tricky situation rather intelligently. Let’s not refute that placing Watchmen in the drama category would have resulted in HBO fuelling competition among its own shows. That aside, “Succession” will be competing in the drama category if nominated and looks to be a possible frontrunner for that award.

That aside, the “Limited series” tag makes a better fit for “Watchmen” if linear sessions aren’t in the works, just as yet. What needs to be noted is that “Watchmen” was a commercial hit and show developer David Lindelof has time and again emphasized on how he was always open to the ideas of further installments if the narrative felt right, despite revealing that he exhausted every possible idea that ran on his mind on the show’s first season.

But, with so much ambiguity still on this front, it’s safe to say that jumping into conclusions (and getting overjoyed) wouldn’t be the best idea. Watch this space for more updates!

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