If the COVID-19 scare has gotten you cooped up in your room, here’s some good news coming your way. The vibe at the moment is just about the right to binge-watch and chill. HBO’s much-awaited series, “Westworld” season 3 that revolves around the dark murky world of artificial consciousness, is slated to premiere this weekend. With hazy timelines and a twist in technology, there’s a hell lot of suspense in the offing.

But, what’s important to note is that a volley of interesting characters will be reprising their roles.

1) Dolores Abernathy: The forthcoming season will see the feisty Dolores make inroads into the human world only to overthrow humanity. She harbors mammoth evil plans to take over, having escaped her world and build a robot race with preternatural abilities.

2) Maeve Millay: Maeve and Dolores are likely to have a massive showdown in season 3—as depicted in the trailers. Coming to think of it, Maeve makes for an impeccable opponent to Dolores. A new character named Serac (played by Vincent Cassel) is seen instigating Maeve to slay Dolores in the latest season, and things are expected to get really intense between the two women.

3) Bernard Lowe: Dolores is hell-bent upon taking over the human world, despite the stiff opposing forces. Bernard happens to be one among those who will be etching out a masterplan to combat her plan. Albeit Bernard seems to be low-key ever since the release, the grapevine has it that the character is all set for a comeback in pursuit of something important.

4) Charlotte Hale:  Hale met with a tragic end in season 2, after Dolores killed her. But what needs to be known is that while Hale is dead, not everyone was aware of it as the copy of her body was made inbuilt with Dolores’ mind. Season 3 sees Dolores enjoying a rapport with this version of Hale, who will use her influence to accelerate humankind’s downfall.

5) William: William aka the “Man in Black” on Westworld season 1, was a human-host hybrid who gets entrapped in the park and undergoes a grueling test to prove his "fidelity". However, in the recently dropped trailers for Westworld season 3, William is seen taking an active part in rescuing the world from a deadly ploy and is likely to play a meaty character in the show.

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