The New Year began with a rather disturbing photo of Cristian Castro showing his “goods” on social media. Back in Jan. 7, the 39-year-old singer shared a picture where he is posing nearly naked before getting a massage. Castro is seen in a barely there G-string, unkempt hair, smiling and holding hands with who we assume was his masseuse. “Masajito con saiote” he captioned the shot, which translates to “Little massage with saiote.”

We were unsure if “Saiote” is the name of the girl or a “farándula” best kept secret, but now Cristian has finally spoken and revealed what the controversial “Saiote” is. “Before anything, I would like to state that I want to marry this girl because she gives incredible massages,” said the singer when asked by Argentinean TV Show “AM.” “I found it very funny that I had to wear a ‘saiote.’ They’re disposable, you see?”

He was referring to the paper thong he had to wear to get the massage. So that’s it. Mystery solved. Cristian, however went on to say that he thought uploading the photo was funny and not risky at all, and added that he, too, has something good to show. “I envy models sometimes,” Castro said. “These girls always have amazing bodies, but I, too have something to show. I dedicate this photo to them because I think I have a good booty.”