Since its release on June 11, Alexandra Trese has been making waves on Netflix's trending list considering it's one of the top 10 watched TV shows in 19 countries. Fans of the Filipino comic book series have been eagerly anticipating the adaptation, but, what's next for season 2?

In the season finale of “Trese,” it was found out that Datu Talagbusao had returned and was behind the occurrences in the city. The last episode explored Alexandra’s story where she was informed by Talagbusao that her twin, Sinag, was not stillborn. Anton killed Sinag and sought to keep Alexandra's actual fate hidden from the other Accords members.

But, Talagbusao told Alexandra that her sister was born, thus, making her the sixth child of the sixth child. That implies, according to the God of Death, Alexandra is destined to pronounce judgment on mankind.

Alexandra refused and Talagbusao killed Captain Guerrero. But, this had Alexandra uncover new powers to fight the God of War.

She reached out to The Kambal, Crispin and Basilio, who were controlled by their father, and helped them break free from their Talagbusao's grip. Alexandra then opened the Dragon's Gate with dragon's blood and traps Talagbusao in another dimension.

But, where will season two land us?

Who knows whether Talagbusao might return, but, one thing’s for sure – there will be an onset of new mythological creatures fans will get to see on the screen.

The post-credits also let viewers take a glimpse of a new evil in town. A picture begins with two dock workers walking when they're both killed by a mysterious entity. 

After the carnage, viewers got a glimpse of this new villain in town, with its fangs and paper talisman. Whatever this creature is, it knows about Alexandra as it gave a bated breath, "Trese."

And, yes, it looks like fans will get a season two and a new comic book series (eighth on the line) from Filipino comics writer Budjette Tan himself. Tan teased fans early Monday morning, but, it looks like fans will have to wait for what it is all about.

“Trese” reached the Top 10 in 19 countries and with its comics, all sold out in stores. Its first issue ran in 2005 earning accolades.

“Trese” is based on a Filipino comic series written by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo. Liza Soberano, Cheska Aguiluz, Eugene Adalia, Steve dela Cruz, and Christian Velarde lead the voice cast for the Filipino adaptation of the series.

Trese Trese, a supernatural anime based on a Filipino comic, comes to Netflix in June Netflix Trese official trailer