Selena Gomez may have been out of the limelight for most of 2018, but that is not the case anymore. Now Gomez is stepping back in and is ready to make 2019 her best year yet.

After being on hiatus for four long months last year due to anxiety, the 26-year-old singer delighted fans in December 2018 when she posted a glowing photo of herself with her non-showbiz friends. Her social media return came shortly after she had completed her stay in a mental health facility, where she sought treatment for her mental illness.

Three months since, there has been a lot going on for Gomez. Recently, a source close to the singer revealed that she has been spending a lot of her time recording and writing songs in the studio, making every effort to make this year her best one yet. “[Year] 2019 is going to be a big year for Selena and her career,” the source said. “Selena is in a really good place.”

Back in February, Gomez took to Instagram to tease her collaboration with Benny Blanco, Tainy and J. Balvin. A few weeks later, she dropped her new single featuring the three artists. It was reportedly the female singer’s idea to collaborate with the three for what they envision to be a “worldwide hit” this year — an indication that her fire is back.

Selena Gomez has also been keeping herself busy with different hobbies, keeping fit and catching up with friends who are not in the Hollywood scene. According to the source, hanging out with her non-celebrity friends has always been her thing. “She has famous friends, but the friends that keep her grounded have been around forever and Selena can be her true self around them,” the source said.

Since entering the entertainment business, Gomez has successfully carved out a successful career for herself. Last year, fans thirsted over her when she decided to take a break from social media to focus on her health. It can be recalled that the singer was diagnosed with lupus early last year. She underwent a kidney transplant over the summer, two months before she was diagnosed with anxiety.

It remains unknown what projects are currently in the works for Gomez, but the source teased that she has musical surprises in store for fans this 2019.