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With MLB free agency underway and teams spending over a billion dollars on contracts in the past six days, it’s as good a time as any to take a look at some of the biggest contracts teams have ever handed out in total value.

Here are the 10 biggest contracts in MLB history:

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels (12 Years, $426 Million)

Mike Trout is one of the best to ever play baseball, and the Angles are paying him like it. This deal pays Trout about $35 million a year and came with a $20 million signing bonus.

2. Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers (12 Years, $365 Millon)

When the Dodgers swung a blockbuster deal to acquire Mookie Betts, they did so with extending him in mind. They ended up giving the then 27-year-old a year 12 deal to stay in LA, and the second-highest dollar amount ever given to a player.

3. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees (9 Years, $360 Million)

Signed just a couple of days ago, and the ink still isn’t dry on this contract just yet. Aaron Judge was a threat to leave New York for San Francisco until the Yankees ponied up the money to give Judge the third-highest contract ever.

4. Francisco Lindor, New York Mets (10 Years, $341 Million)

The Mets swung a deal for Francisco Lindor and extended him shortly after. Under new owner Steve Cohen who has the deepest pockets of any MLB owner, the Mets have consistently handed out major contracts as evidenced by Lindor’s. The extra million on the contract was done to make Lindor the highest-paid shortstop in the game.

5. Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres (14 years, $340 Million)

Fernando Tatis Jr. earned this deal when he was just 22 years old. Things have gone a bit sideways of late as he’s been injured and was suspended for taking PED’s. Still, when he’s healthy and on the field, few can rival the talent he brings.

6. Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies (13 Years, $330 Million)

The Philadelphia Phillies swooped up Bryce Harper in the 2019 free agent class and gave a deal that will pay him $25 million a year for the next 13 years along with a $20 million signing bonus. Harper has proved it to be worth it thus far, with his legendary performance in this past postseason.

7. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins (13 Years, $325 Million)

Giancarlo Stanton originally signed this massive deal with the Miami Marlins at the age of 25, before they decided to trade him to the New York Yankees. Stanton has become a mainstay in the heart of the Yankee lineup when healthy.

7. Corey Seager, Texas Rangers (10 Years, $325 Million)

The Texas Rangers signed Corey Seager to a deal that would pay him $32.5 million a year along with a $5 million signing bonus. Seager is one of the game’s best hitters and the large contract helped lead him away from the Dodgers.

9. Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees (9 Years, $324 Million)

The biggest contract ever given to a pitcher, The Yankees were able to snag Gerrit Cole away from the rival Astros. Cole has been their ace ever since and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

10. Manny Machado, San Diego Padres (10 Years, $300 Million)

Signed at the age of 26, Manny Machado found a home in San Diego as the highest-paid third baseman in baseball. Machado proved it to be worth it with his stellar performance in this year’s postseason. Machado’s deal also came with a $20 million signing bonus.

10. Trea Turner, Philadelphia Phillies (11 Years, $300 Million)

The Philadelphia Phillies snagged Trea Turner just a few days ago. Turner is one of the best all-around players in the MLB today and his departure from the Dodgers will certainly be felt. This deal will pay him through his age 40 season.

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