It seems like Dog the Bounty Hunter is coping really well with the loss of his spouse, Beth Chapman. In fact, the latest preview for “Dr. Oz” reveals that Duane “Dog” Chapman has already proposed to the new woman in his life, Moon Angell, seven months since his ex-wife died from throat cancer.

Although sources close to Dog claim that the bounty hunter did not give Moon Angell a ring, fans are still itching to know who Moon Angell is and what made Dog fall in love with her so quickly. Here are five facts about Moon Angell you need to know:  

1. An Instagram post sparked rumors about her relationship with Dog

Rumors about Dog and Moon Angell started to float around after Dog posted an Instagram photo showing him and Moon Angell next to each other. When Dog’s daughter Lyssa left a series of barfing emojis in the comments section with the words, “Thank you MOON!!!,” fans started to speculate that Moon could be the new woman in Dog’s life.

2. She and Dog have known each other for decades

Moon Angell started working for Dog more than 20 years ago. Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she has worked as a personal assistant for the bounty hunter for 21 years. Reports about him moving in with Dog surfaced in early January, when Dog’s daughter Cecily accused Moon Angell of “moving into a dead friend’s house with her husband.”

3. She has a messy past with Dog’s family

Moon Angell was the maid of honor when Dog and Beth got wed in 2006. However, things got messy between her and Dog’s daughters when she started dating one of Dog’s sons. That time, Lyssa publicly attacked Moon Angell, although she refused to identify who among her brothers Moon Angell was dating. Dog has seven sons.

4. She was the girlfriend Dog promised Beth he would have before her passing

Before Beth died, Dog made a promise to his late wife that he would have a girlfriend again someday. However, he told her that she would be his last wife and that he would never marry anyone again. Beth was Dog’s fifth wife. Before he had Beth, Dog was previously married to La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, Anne M Tengell, Lyssa Rae Brittain, and Tawny Marie Chapman.

5. She’s aware that Dog’s children don’t approve of their relationship

The preview for “Dr. Oz” came following weeks of bickering among Dog’s family, primarily because of his relationship with Moon Angell. In the preview for the show, Moon Angell is seen acknowledging the possible consequences of Dog’s proposal, saying in the clip, “I have lots of enemies right now.”