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A recent interview has landed Whoopi Goldberg in hot water again as she has doubled down on her previous comments regarding the Holocaust not being about race. “The View” host spoke with The Sunday Times of London and during that conversation, she stuck to her original claim.

The reporter interviewing Goldberg made the statement, “Nazis saw Jews as a race," to which the EGOT responded.

"That's the killer, isn't it," said Goldberg. "The oppressor is telling you what you are. Why are you believing them? They're Nazis. Why believe what they're saying?"

Goldberg, whose real name is Caryn Johnson and had her name given to her by a Jewish relative, went on to say that Hitler’s regime originally focused on singling people out based on physical characteristics.

“It wasn’t originally [about race],” Goldberg continued. “Remember who they were killing first. They were not killing racial; they were killing physical. They were killing people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they made this decision.”

Back in January, Goldberg faced backlash for her original comments on the Holocaust and as a result was suspended from “The View” for two weeks. She apologized via Twitter, but is now sticking to her original comments.

The Sunday Times of London interviewer at one point mentioned that “the Nazis measured the heads and noses of Jews to 'prove' they were a distinct race." Goldberg responded with the following.

“They did that to Black people too,” said Goldberg. “But it doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street. You could find me. You couldn’t find them. That was the point I was making. But you would have thought that I’d taken a big old stinky dump on the table, butt naked.”

Her comments did not sit well with the CEO of The Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt, who made a statement to USA Today condemning Goldberg.

“Whoopi needs to apologize to the Jewish community immediately and actually commit to educating herself on the true nature of antisemitism and how it was the driving force behind the systemic slaughter of millions,” said Greenblatt. “She shouldn't do it for the ratings – she should do it simply because it's the right thing to do. Failure to address the issue would raise serious questions about her sincerity and solidarity with her Jewish viewers and all those who experience hate."

Others on Twitter also had a few things to say about Goldberg’s statements.

On Tuesday Goldberg clarified her remarks and has since apologized.

"Recently while doing press in London, I was asked about my comments from earlier this year. I tried to convey to the reporter what I had said and why, and attempted to recount that time," she told Yahoo Entertainment. "It was never my intention to appear as if I was doubling down on hurtful comments, especially after talking with and hearing people like rabbis and old and new friends weighing in. I'm still learning a lot and believe me, I heard everything everyone said to me."

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