Brad Pitt just hinted at acting less and less in the coming years. The actor revealed that he is more into producing and directing at the moment.

Pitt appeared on the cover of GQ Australia magazine’s July/August issue looking as handsome as ever. He is photographed sitting on a wooden chair and in front of huge plants. The actor looks rugged with his growing beard, but he is still very handsome nonetheless.

In another photo, Pitt is standing while his face is turned against the camera. He is wearing a brown trench coat, navy-blue pants and matching navy-blue shoes. The actor is holding on to his shirt while his head is tilted upward.

While speaking with the publication, Pitt shared some of his plans for the future. He said that he’s been working behind the camera on the producing side, and he enjoys it a lot.

Brad Pitt said that he’s been acting less and less because he thinks that it’s a younger man’s game. “Not that there aren’t substantial parts for older characters,” he said. “I just feel, the game itself, it’ll move on naturally. There will be a natural selection to it all,” he added.

The actor also admitted to being intrigued by what the future of the cinema holds, given the success of streaming sites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. “I really appreciate the streaming services because we’re seeing more and more quality projects being made,” he said. “We’re seeing more writers and directors and actors getting a shot. It just tells you how many talented people are out there.”

Other than his acting credentials, Pitt also owns Plan B Entertainment. He has also spent a couple of years producing behind the camera under his flagship company.

Some of the films that he has produced throughout the years include “The Departed,” “Moneyball,” “12 Years A Slave,” “Selma,” “Moonlight” and “Eat Pray Love.” On July 26, Pitt will star in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” alongside Leonardo di Caprio. His other project, “Ad Astra,” will be released sometime in September.

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt attends the press conference for the Paramount Pictures title 'Allied' on November 14, 2016, at Shanghai Postal Museum in Shanghai, China. Getty Images