Cast of instructions not included
The reunion of the cast from Instructions Not Included. Eugenio Derbez's Instagram caption: Plan familiar para este domingo!!! #NoSeAceptanDevoluciones cumple 10 años. (Eugenio Derbez's Instagram)

Mexican movie hit "Instructions Not Included," directed by and starring Eugenio Derbez turns 10 years old. The movie that drew large audiences across the world with its heartwarming story will celebrate its relevance as a Hispanic entertainment icon with a re-release in Cinépolis theaters throughout Mexico on September 28.

On August 30, 2013 this tear-jerking and comedic classic took place featured for the first time. The release of this film made history with the biggest opening weekend ever in Mexico, with an average of $11.6 million made. The movie tells the story of a reckless man named Valentín, played by Derbez, who has to learn how to navigate through life after a surprise visit from his former lover (Jessica Lindsey) that leaves him with his daughter (Loreta Peralta).

His dedication to this film allowed Derbez to break into Hollywood as it brought to life the topics of love, family, and health all of them representing Mexican and American culture. As a result of this, it became the highest grossing Spanish language film in the U.S.

The former Familia Peluche actor took it to Instagram to commemorate a decade since the release of the film. His team showed clips of all the roles he has played throughout his career and even had a re-enactment of a scene from the movie where Peralta states "Pa, yo quiero ser como tú cuando seas grande? Stunt? No, quiero ser inmortal como tú" (Dad, I want to be like you when I grow up? Stunt? No, I want to be immortal like you).

Eugneio Derbez's Instagram Caption: In honor of the 10th anniversary of #InstructionsNotIncluded my team made this video for me. Let me show it to you. 👀Por el 10mo aniversario de #NoSeAceptanDevoluciones, mi equipo me hizo este video. Chequen 👀#nsad10años (VIDEO: EUGENIO DERBEZ'S INSTAGRAM/ @ederbez)

Festivities for the anniversary include a cast reunion for a celebration event available to stream on Vix. Derbez, Lindsey, Peralta, and co-star Alessandra Rosaldo – Eugenio Derbez's wife – all reminisced about their favorite moments and honored "Instructions Not Included," by speaking on the impact it made on their lives.

The reunion of the cast from Instructions Not Included. Vix's Instagram Caption: La emoción de #NoSeAceptanDevoluciones sigue viva 10 años después. 🤩 Y nos trajo este fin de semana un especial exclusivo con los protagonistas de la peli que nos van a contar todas sus experiencias. 😍 El plan perfecto para hoy 🍿🎥 ve al link de la biografía. (VIDEO: VIX AND EUGENIO DERBEZ'S INSTAGRAM/ @vix & @ederbez)

"Thanks to that movie we are here. Thanks to that movie I have been able to make a career in the United States. Thanks to that movie I have been able to grow as an actor, director, and producer." Derbez said. In addition, 19 year-old, Peralta – she was nine at the time of the original release – remarked, "I hear them [Derbez and Rosaldo] say that it changed their lives and I feel that for me it shaped mine... because I did it at such a tender age that I really have a hard time imagining a life without seeing this done."

The film continues to resonate with audiences around the globe, especially when it comes to the message of fatherhood.

Fatherhood was a topic Derbez had left behind in his past until the make of this classic movie. He explained at the reunion that he was not completely sold on the idea of becoming a dad again until taking part in this project.He aspired to be a real-life father like the one he witnessed in the movie, he desired to have his own Maggie.

As a result of the longing for being a father once again, the actor left messages to his children in the credits and included a special note to his daughter – who was born a year and a half after the movie came out.

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