As part of Meghan Markle’s title as the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry, she is obliged to follow royal protocols of all sorts. For royalties, pregnancy is not an excuse to break any royal decorum. Instead, the royal family has its own list of protocols practiced by generations prior. The Duchess of Sussex, just like Prince Harry, is known to break rules due to her freedom-loving nature.

From the dating rumors to the engagement announcement, Meghan has been rocking the news. Her lifestyle and nature of work are far different from what Prince Harry grew accustomed to, but the clear similarity between the two is their love for freedom. This freedom means doing unconventional things and things far from the strict and formal royal traditions. It may include the royal couple breaking some royal birth traditions.

What traditions are the royal couple more likely to break?

It has been announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be moving to Frogmore Cottage in preparation for the coming of the first child of the House of Sussex. It is possible, according to some, that the royal couple may opt to choose a hospital close to them when the baby arrives. It might also be possible that Meghan will give birth in their new home, which clearly is breaking the modern tradition of royal birth protocols.

Another tradition Meghan already averted from is the tradition of baby showers. She was a hot news when her high-profile friends from America threw her a lavish one. Many royal watchers say that Meghan has not broken any protocols in this case since the celebration was held in the US.

What are the traditions that Meghan must follow?

One of the oldest traditions that Prince Harry and Meghan could not escape from as royalty is the fact that the Queen should be the first to know once the baby is out. This protocol might spark more family drama on Markle’s side.

During the birthing process, Meghan will be surrounded by midwives, especially if she chooses to give birth at home. Both Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth with several midwives around them even though they were in a hospital. Kate reportedly has three.

Another tradition that Meghan should follow is the baby’s debut right after birth. Kate shocked the world when she posed for photos from St. Mary’s hospital hours after giving birth to Prince George looking fabulous. The pressure to look good after hours of labor is now on Meghan.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge leave the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital with their new born baby boy on April 23, 2018, in London, England. Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Another royal practice that people have seen for years is the old tradition of setting up an easel with an announcement posted on it outside the Buckingham Palace.

The modern-day practice, the Queen’s latest addition to the royal protocols, is that royal mothers are required to breastfeed. Before, wet nurses breastfeed babies. But recently, the Queen declared this new decree for future royal mothers.

The newborn, with the royal parents, will also be welcome with 62 gun salute from the Tower of London. Plus babies should wear similar christening gowns, an elaborate lace tablecloth gown. So expect Baby Sussex to wear that too.

What royal birth protocols do you think will Meghan break or follow?