Will Disney+ topple Netflix in the streaming war? That is the billion-dollar question everyone is asking because what’s at stake is a young global market that is expected to only grow every year.

Disney+ launched with an impressive 10 million subscribers on November 12. The company has been posting strong growth ever since, with many more customers joining the streaming platform every day. What remains to be seen is that if this growth will have a negative impact on Netflix.

As the dominant player in the streaming market, Netflix has so far not seen any fall in the number of subscribers. According to BGR, this is because the cost of signing up for Disney+ is so small that customers are choosing to keep both the services. This means that streaming market is not a zero sum game, at least for now.

Another factor in Netflix’s favor is that it has the first mover advantage, and for many people across the globe it has enough branding to be known as the default company to choose while opting for a streaming service. This would keep the company in the market for the near future.

In order to stay in the game, Netflix knows that it has to keep delivering exciting content to its customers. The company has a huge catalogue of content to offer, and Disney+ has a lot to catch up to in terms of offering its customers the same amount of content in terms of the numbers.

This doesn’t mean that Disney+ will not be able to match up to Netflix both in terms of the amount of content on offer and the number of subscribers. According to Cnet, the House of Mouse deems the new streaming platform as the future of the company, and the platform has been designed to be the sole provider of movies and TV shows from the franchises it owns, which includes Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and all the Disney content.

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