Prince Charles appeared to be closer to his grandmother, the Queen Mother, than his own mom, Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, after the late royal passed away in 2002, the future king expressed how devastated he was over his grandmother’s demise.

The heir to the throne gave the Queen Mother a touching tribute where he said that his grandmother meant everything to him. He also said that he had dreaded the time when he would have to say goodbye to the Queen Mother but was left with no other choice 17 years ago.

“She meant everything and I had dreaded, dreaded this moment,” he said. “Somehow I never thought it would come. She seemed gloriously unstoppable. She saw the funny side of life and we laughed until we cried. Oh, how I shall miss her laugh and wonderful wisdom. Ever since I was a child, I adored her,” Prince Charles added.

When the Queen Mother was still alive, she also forged a special bond with her eldest grandchild. In fact, she was so concerned about Prince Charles’ welfare that she tried to talk the Queen out of sending him to Gordonstoun.

In a letter that she wrote to the Queen dated May 23, 1961, the Queen Mother said that she had been thinking a lot about Prince Charles. She also said that she hopes Prince Charles would go to Eton and not to the boarding school.

“I suppose that he will be taking his entrance exam for Eton soon. I do hope he passes because it might be the ideal school for one of his character and temperament,” she wrote. “However good Gordonstoun is, it is miles and miles away and he might as well be at school abroad,” she added.

And while Prince Charles was still very young, the Queen usually left him and Princess Anne under the care of their grandmother and nannies. A video of Her Majesty reuniting with her eldest son after a 6-month tour abroad shocked the nation.

Instead of hugging Prince Charles, the Queen shook her son’s hand. This convinced royal fans that Prince Charles was never close to his own mother.

Royal Family Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother poses 04 August 1989 outside her London Clarence House residence for photographers with Queen Elizabeth (R), Sarah Ferguson, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and other members of the Royal Family on her 89th birthday. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images