Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in hot water for their feud with selected media outlets. The couple has sued a couple of publications, particularly The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror and The Sun, for publishing Meghan’s private letter she wrote to her dad.

There are several reports that claim that the royal family is mighty upset at Harry and Meghan taking this major step, going against the will of the members of the royal family. In fact, there are speculations that the family members have taken a step back and are not supportive of Meghan and Harry’s decision anymore.

However, since the beginning, Meghan has had the support of Queen Elizabeth despite all negative press coverage against her. So it’s likely that the Queen would still be standing in support of both Meghan and Harry in their present predicament. Here’s why.

Queen Elizabeth And Meghan Have Formed A Bond From The Beginning

Even before Meghan was married to Harry, she has already received a lot of negative criticisms from the media, even questioning her motives. It was certainly tough for the now Duchess of Sussex to adjust to the level of public interest in her life at that moment.

Luckily, the Queen was there to welcome her openly. Her Majesty went her way out to ensure she feels comfortable with the royal family by inviting her to royal family events.

She Has Been Impressed By Meghan From The Start

Queen Elizabeth has always been supportive of how Meghan has handled tough situations. She has been impressed by how Meghan has stood by her work ethic. She believes that Meghan and Harry have the ability to create more support for the monarchy among young people all over the world.

She Has A Great Fondness For Meghan

The Queen has “a great fondness” for the Duchess of Sussex. While Queen Elizabeth hasn’t been able to spend much time with Meghan as she’s busy training Kate Middleton for her future role as queen consort, she probably continues to extend her support to Meghan.

Meghan has truly had a tough year so far, being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Whether it was her Wimbledon scandal, where her security team reportedly refused to allow photographs of Meghan, or the fact that she has kept Archie Harrison out of the spotlight, Meghan has been targeted for several reasons.

However, throughout these whole controversies, neither Queen Elizabeth nor any other member of the royal family has broken their silence so far.

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, watch the RAF flypast on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Chris Jackson/Getty Images