People love to see fairytales and happily ever afters. A happily ever after is what fans are hoping to happen for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt when the latter reportedly attended Aniston’s exclusive 50th birthday party. Why would we love to see Aniston and Pitt back together?

Pitt and Aniston met in 1998 through a matchmaker. Former “FRIENDS” actress Aniston shared that she was amazed that they clicked together in their first date. Two years after, the two married in a lavish Malibu estate.

Since then, Pitt and Aniston were the couple to watch out for in red carpets and all events. Pitt received an Emmy nomination for appearing in “FRIENDS” as a guest star. The two leveled themselves as one of Hollywood’s power couple.

The adored celebrity couple was shattered when Angelina Jolie entered the scene. Pitt and Jolie worked together for “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” back in 2004. A couple of months later, Pitt and Aniston officially announced the separation and clarified that no one was at fault.

Jolie became an instant villain, called by names like homewrecker and such. Tabloids reported that the speculations were true about Pitt and Jolie falling in love while shooting “Mr. And Mrs. Smith.” A few years later, Jolie confirmed in an interview that there were definitely sparks between them. Aniston snapped back in the statement saying that it was uncool for Jolie to say that.

Fast forward to 2014, Pitt and Jolie got married. But in 2015, rumors of marital problems plagued Pitt’s marriage to Jolie with ugly accusations. One of the accusations was that Pitt was abusive to their children, while other accusations were pointed to Jolie spoiling the kids too much. Both parties denied these claims.

Also in 2015, Aniston tied the knot with Justin Theroux. Fast forward to 2016, Jolie filed for divorce. And months after, Aniston and Theroux divorced.

In 2017, reports of Aniston and Pitt communicating with each other via SMS surfaced. Fans rejoiced as hopes of two rekindling their romance was made more possible. The Hollywood’s golden couple together will give people an impression that true love exists, especially in the treacherous world of showbiz.

True loves are almost synonymous to fairytales, and they always give a happy ending. Everyone loves a happy ending. It is a form of relief from the realities of the world.

But Pitt and Aniston are real people. Many already explained that the two are now friends again, but it is highly unlikely that they will get back together. They have separated for almost a decade, and they might be different people now compared to seven years ago.

Would you like to see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together?