Top Democrats are quiet on the alarming immigration numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). These numbers show a record of 856 illegal immigrants have died trying to cross the southern border last fiscal year, which is the deadliest ever on record. There have already been 25 deaths in FY23, which started on Oct.1. Republicans are criticizing the Biden administration and pledging to stop the crisis.

Fox News reported that numbers show there were 227,547 ​migrant influx in September. It is the highest September tally in the history of the Department of Homeland Security. The numbers show a massive boost over the previous Septembers: 192,000 in Sept. 2021; 57,674 in Sept. 2020; and 52,546 in Sept. 2019.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked Monday about the report of more than 2.3 million total encounters in FY22. She stated that many of these encounters are caused by people who are escaping falling regimes and economic collapse. She criticized Republicans for taking advantage of these migrants while failing to manage the staggering death statistic.

Furthermore, CBP numbers also show there were 20 known or suspected terrorists captured at the southern border in September. This brings the fiscal year 2022 total for terror watchlist arrests at the border to 98.

Republicans are criticizing the unexpected death statistics for undocumented immigrants, calling President Biden’s inactivity a neglect of obligation. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that while Biden's radical immigration policies have unlocked the southern border to file numbers of illegal immigrants, lethal fentanyl, terrorism suspects, and, tragically, a file variety of immigrant deaths, House Republicans are dedicated to securing the border by ending the wall and ending catch-and-release, Barclay-Bryan Press reported.

House Homeland Security Ranking Member John Katko, R-N.Y. said that the continued silence from Democrats on this humanitarian tragedy is deafening. He added that Democrats need to work together to handle the devastation on the border. Katko also said that Republicans are prepared with a plan to secure the border.

"They will address the pull elements created by the Biden administration. Moreover, Republicans are prepared to end this humanitarian catastrophe on day one in a Republican majority. Americans have had enough and Homeland Republicans are prepared to stand up to the raging fire at the Southwest border," he added.

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