Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mozzi revealed their engagement in September and this was confirmed by the palace. The couple is said to be planning their big day already, however, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly stopping the announcement of her granddaughter’s wedding date. 

According to The Daily Mail, Mozzi proposed three months ago but there are doubts if he and the Princess of York can walk down the aisle as they wish since the Royal Family is facing a big scandal right now. But then, it was reported that the family just gave the engaged couple the permission to hold their engagement party and they said this is enough to confirm that the wedding is proceeding. 

Queen Elizabeth allegedly refused to approve a wedding date and until a week ago, she is stopping the palace from making an official announcement regarding Princess Beatrice’s date of nuptials. Although the scandal involving Prince Andrew could be a reason why Her Majesty wants to keep the date a secret, the real reason is said to be the upcoming British Elections. 

The publication stated that the Queen will allow the wedding date to be announced only after the Elections. Despite this, it was said that the princess’s close friends and family already received the engagement party invitations that also have the wedding date details so they can save the date. 

“She is up against the clock if she wants to have a wedding within the six-month time frame usual for aristocratic nuptials, but everyone is so relieved things are moving,” the insider revealed. “She’s been very down. A wild, glitzy, high-profile engagement party should cheer her up.”

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice’s wedding was put in jeopardy after Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC Newsnight was aired. The interview was described as disastrous as it only added fuel to the fire rather than calming the issues on his involvement with child sex abuse convict Jeffrey Epstein. 

After it aired, the Duke of York faced heavy backlash from the public and some companies and charities he is connected with cut their ties with him. The Queen also ordered him to step down from his royal duties although it was reported that it was the duke who made the request from his mother. 

Finally, wedding experts stated that with Prince Andrew’s scandal, Princess Beatrice and Mozzi’s dream of having a grand wedding may not happen. This is because they have to tone it down or they could also face backlash later for staging a lavish ceremony when a member of the family is involved in a serious crime.